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ELVIS MONTH Day 1 Love Me Tender (1956)

Year: 1956

Age: 21

Movie: 1st

Love Me Tender is the only Elvis movie where he was not top billing.

So this is Elvis’ first movie.  I just happen to love love love westerns, and love black and white movies too.  1956 was such a long time ago.  15 years before I was born, (having just typed that sentence it now doesn’t feel that long ago!).  I remember always avoiding this movie, because of the ending.  If I did watch this one I would always watch it alone, as it the case right now.  The rest of the family have vacated the lounge room, which is a great decision on their part as I am about to embark on ELVIS MONTH.  Last night I thought I haven’t seen many ELVIS movies lately and since it is almost August I would watch all of them and the Doco’s as well, and type down a few observations….So here goes…LOVE ME TENDER.

Opening credits…of course…Technical Advisor: Col Tom Parker.  Never understood this, still don’t.  Anyway, end of the Civil War.  Yay!  Vance, Elvis’ brother, has stolen a heap of money from the Yankees which technically happened after the end of the war, so that’s bad.  ELVIS plays Clint who has married his older (kinda dead) brother’s sweetheart.  His, kinda dead, brother (Vance) turns up, not dead,  at the family farm after the end of the war and comedy ensues…NOT.

It’s almost 19 minutes before Elvis appears.  Lookin all hot and sweaty cause he’s been ploughin’ the fields.

Had to have a bit of a giggle, on the odd occasion E’s voice gets very high pitched, you know how boys of 21 get.

First song:  We’re Gonna Move.  Really nice, complete with the wiggle.  Closely followed by the title song Love Me Tender.

Another song: Let Me, sung at the school house picnic.  Love the song, but it gets a bit weird when the girls scream when he wiggles, I can’t see that happening too often in the Civil War era, but who knows, I wasn’t there, anything is possible…

And song number 4.  Poor Boy.  Another nice song.  He looks just grand in his going out suit.

Clint thinks Vance and Cathy have done him wrong and well things don’t end that well.  Clint gives poor Cathy a bit of a shove (translation…one hell of a shove) and looks like he gives her a bit of a slap too (behind the horses) but there is no sound to go with that action.  Hopefully they thought better of that slap.

Final scene, pits brother against brother, both love the same gal.  Angry words and shots are exchanged, and only one brother is left standing (not really standing, more slouching and bleeding really). But, everything is gonna be alright….but it wasn’t cause one of them was dead!!

And the last song, another version of Love Me Tender.  Really nicely done.  And I’m crying, again.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and acting opportunities for all.  All in all I think it was a great acting debut and a pretty good movie.

Salary: $100 000

Cost of Production: $1 000 000

Co Stars Alive? Debra Paget:  Yes

Richard Egan:  Nope

My Favourite Song:  Poor Boy

Most Popular Song: Love Me Tender

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Elvis Month!

4 thoughts on “ELVIS MONTH Day 1 Love Me Tender (1956)”

  1. I was fourteen when that movie came out, watched it all day at the rivoli theater in Newark for I think 10 cents . Cried every time still do love home to death.

  2. I agree with you, I was a good movie. I just found Elvis and I cry everything I watch any Elvus movie or listen to him sing. He was the most talented person I have ever seen. But that voice I don’t think I have heard anyone that can match it! Thank you for sharing.

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