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ELVIS MONTH Day 26 Stay Away, Joe (1968)

Year:  1968

Age:  33

Movie: 26th

Ok, so Stay Away Joe, is a very different movie from the get go.  Opening scene is Joe (Elvis) chasing cows with his car, and boy does he look like he is enjoying himself.  This movie doesn’t really get good reviews and I don’t think I have ever really watched this movie all the way through.  But having watched an Elvis movie a day all this month, I am enjoying it so far.  It’s really quite amusing.  There’s lots of shouting and ye-harring and chasing cattle for no real reason but I am really enjoying it.  I hope it lasts.  Just recently I have really been getting into the sound track of this movie.  Elvis is having a ball, looks like portraying a real person agrees with him.

There’s a big welcome home party and a fight which Joe wasn’t even involved in, shocking!  I think this is the first time I have seen Elvis smoking (cigar) in a movie too.  The party scene is a little too long and not much is going on but they do eat the only bull of the herd. One other thing I have enjoyed, so far, about this movie is it is shot on location and not at the studio with obviously fake movie sets.

Joe visits the local car dealership and buys himself a red convertible and isn’t that Mamie one strange idiotic gal.

Well they end up getting another bull, Dominic XII, the only bull that’s not interested in a pretty cow.  Elvis sings the song Dominic, to two gals.  Sounds like it’s just a filler song really.

This is a very different movie.  Joe’s step mother starts selling off the cows to buy a toilet and tv ect,  Joe starts selling off parts of his car to buy things too.  And they’re still attempting to get Dominic to show some sort of interest in the cows.   Nothing is going right.  Joe ends up with a motorbike after selling off too many bits from his new car.

They find out that Dominic is in fact a rodeo bull and not a breeding bull, they ride him, win the money, buy lots of new cattle and all is well.  Big fight scene at the end that destroys the house and the whole scene would have been improved greatly if there were no sound effects provided and if they had halved the scene as well.

This movie is in the bottom three for me.  Stay Away, Joe then Harum Scarum and then Double Trouble.  But even if it is on the bottom three I still enjoyed it cause it was just a little different to the stuff of recent years.  The End.

Co Stars Alive:  Burgess Meredith  NOPE

                               Joan Blondell  NOPE

                               Katy Jurado  NOPE

My Favourite Song:   All I Needed Was The Rain

Most Popular Song:   Stay Away? (maybe?)

Stay tuned for Day 27 of ELVIS MONTH

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