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Vintage Origami Dresses

I love vintage dresses and patterns.  A few days ago I scored a little pad of beautiful vintage papers just the right size for origami.  I had all intentions of doing some origami dresses all week but was just too busy…I have sold quite a few of the Teacher Poem Paper Art piece and it’s really time-consuming, so I didn’t get around to it.  But unfortunately I ended up on the lounge for the weekend unable to move much, so I thought I would take the opportunity to see what I could come up with. 

This first one is a lovely red and cream pattern with a scalloped edge, white cuffs, collar and belt.  This one is my favourite and if you would like to give it a new home try my Etsy store (Sorry but Australia only as the postage prices are just crap!) It is listed for just $15 I send it to you, you put it in a cheap but classy frame and hang it on your wall…then we are both happy!

This one is slightly shorter than the first, has short sleeves, white collar and a white belt.  The paper is so special!  Those pink flowers have metallic flecks through them and catches the light beautifully.  If you click on this Etsy link I have a close up photo of the paper as well.  It’s so yummy.  Oh only $15 I hear you say…why yes it is and completely affordable and would make a lovely Christmas present…

And last but not least is this beautiful little number…ain’t she grand?  The photo doesn’t really do them justice but it’s close.  Large cream flowers on a deep red backdrop is perfect.  It also resides at my Etsy shop for the price of the change you’ll find down the back of your lounge…go look, you know it’s there…seriously why are you still reading this…I’ll wait…………………….Got $15…good now go to Etsy and spend it on some lovely little gifts…you know you want to…or you can pop over to my Facebook page, cause seriously I sell most of my stuff on Facebook…My grand total on Etsy is 3 sales, well, better than nothing, one was a pity sale from my sister 🙂 which was very nice of her.

Talking of Etsy, this week I am paying them for promotion.  I took the $35 package for a weeks worth of promotion and apparently I will get approx 27000 impressions…at present, just half way through the second day I have a total of about 100 impressions, can’t see the 27000 total being reached at this point but you only pay for the impressions you get ie: if I reach 27000 (a miracle would have occurred) I get charged $35, at present with about 100 impressions I owe them well under a dollar.  Ah well in for a penny in for $35 I always say (yes I have used that joke about 4 times since yesterday, but you haven’t heard it yet, unless you are my daughter reading this, which I doubt she would have got this far into the post anyway).

Okay off to bed now, if you like chocolate hit the like button or share on facebook or go to Etsy and buy stuff or make yourself a strong scotch and coke and sit back a think about the meaning of life.

Stay cool all

Ruby Canoe over and out!


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