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Film Strip Cake Topper (I’m tired and couldn’t think of a witty title)

More cake toppers…topper.  Order any colour combination and do with it as you will.  Put pictures in the film strip, cut out some hearts and glue them in, write in it, stick some flowers in the film strip, so many options.  This cake topper is actually from the budget range.  Guess how much?

$5. Only $5 for this little one.  At my Etsy store (yes, as usual) so click HERE

When I do little budget ones like this,(which I love to do, and sell quite a bit of) it gives me ideas for some more expensive ones.  Thinking of making little 3D paper cameras and having them as cake toppers.  Or hanging a paper camera (complete with camera strap) underneath this film strip.  I really have to make some time for these kind of things.  Maybe next week…Maybe…

Ruby sleep now…zzzzzz xx

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