Time To Create A Banner For Ruby Canoe


So being as this is a creative blog and I illustrate then I suppose I have to get cracking and develop a few banners for the blog.  My mission this week is to create a range of 5 or so banners.

I always find it so difficult to start a new project but as soon as the first one is penciled in I seem to have so many ideas pop into my head.  This is usually the way in which I have developed my style, in other words, completely by accident.  My son calls them happy accidents and I tend to agree.  At least when I’m drawing I can rub them out, which sometimes is a disadvantage to the creative process.  For instance; when I’m painting and I experience a “happy accident” I just go with the flow, in a direction that I had never intended to go.  Most of the time it works and on the odd occasion it is just a big load of crap.

So off to create..Stay tuned for new banners.

Ruby Canoe.

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